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Integrity is a key value in our business. Our reputation relies on doing what we say we are going to do.

A measure of this is our customer survey. After each car has been delivered we ask people
to fill in a quick survey.

To date every customer has returned the survey. This alone shows the strength of the relationship we build with our customers.

Here are some key results:

Once you had placed your order what were the service levels like?

The service I received exceeded my expectations  
I received enough delivery information  
I had to contact abroadbean for delivery info  
I have received better service from another dealer  
I would have liked more contact and updates  


Would you recommend abroadbean to any of your friends?

Yes I have already recommended abroadbean   
I would actively recommend abroadbean   
I would recommend abroadbean if asked which dealer I used   
I would not recommend abroadbean   
I would recommend another dealer   


We are particularly proud that our customers trust us enough to recommend our service to their friends. See testimonials....

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